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Staples Drugs makes the difference for you...

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann M.D. in 1796 wrote his first publication on Homeopathy. In Europe, there is increasing demand for homeopathy by patients.

It is now regulated in Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland & Turkey.  All patients in Switzerland & approximately 70 % in Germany are covered by their public health insurance for specific homeopathic treatment by medical doctors trained in homeopathy.

In the EU Health program, Action Against Cancer, started in September 2009, homeopathy was provided to 40% of all cancer patients by the European commission, treated in hospital units where an integrative oncology service is offered.  Above excerpt from interview by Health & Homeopthy  Dr. Thomas Peinbauer, MD, a practicing homeopath  in Austria.

John Staples, R.Ph – Pharmacist is co-owner with his wife Helen Staples, BA, B.Ed. Practicing an integrative approach in pharmacy (traditional & natural medicines).  John’s father started the business 83 years ago in 1934.

Gluten free herbals can be found in the Now brand.  Out of approximately 900 sku’s, only 23 do not strictly meet the gluten-free standards now in effect through current Health Canada regulations.

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